Live on Washington (LOW) is an annual, free, youth curated outdoor all arts festival in downtown Ann Arbor. This year’s event will take place on Saturday, June 8th, 2019, from 3-10pm. 25 teen curators have been meeting weekly since September 2017 and will continue until June 2018 at the Neutral Zone, to learn curatorial best practices, design the event based on their community’s interests, manage finances, market their ideas, and run the event. LOW showcases youth talent, gives youth an opportunity to perform with nationally recognized acts and brings together an intergenerational community of visitors to downtown Ann Arbor. The LOW teen curators are the arts performers, advocates, and administrators of the future. They gain valuable mentorship about how to engage their community through arts during this year-long program.


This year, 23 youth musical performances totaling 70 teens will highlight diverse genres including jazz, rap, acoustic song, rock, RnB, Funk, and spoken word poetry. Performers and attendees from across Washtenaw County will all be represented.


Through this art curator mentorship program, Live on Washington is expected to engage a radically inclusive, intergenerational audience of nearly 3,000 high school teens and adult community members to downtown Ann Arbor. Special attention is paid to the outreach of youth populations traditionally left out of music learning opportunities. This effort includes engagement with partner organizations that serve underserved populations to attend the event. Partnering with non-profit organizations will create opportunities to present their programs in booths on the street.  In past years, our audience has reflected a broad cross-section of the community because of these outreach efforts.


Charlie Reischl 

Neutral Zone's Music Programs Manager, Charlie is an active musician, and art event organizer.  Charlie advises the youth facilitators and leaders of Live On Washington. 


Whats the weirdest food you like? 

 I've always loved the vanilla cinnamon (sugar mountain) bagel from Bagel Fragel with chive cream cheese and bacon.  (I'm clearly a health monger)

Hazel Byers (Teen Facilitator)

What is your guilty pleasure song?

My guilty pleasure song is most definitely MMMbop by Hanson. Every time I turn on my car it automatically plays, and at first it annoyed me but now I love it.

Who is a fictional character you identify with?

I would certainly say Sam from Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of them. I decided to completely copy her wardrobe so I guess I need to give some credit.

Claire Midds (Teen Facilitator)

What animal would you be and why?

I think I'd pick monkey, because that's what is closest to being a human and I really enjoy being a human. 

Who/what is a fictional character you identify with?

I identify with Jordan Baker from The Great Gatsby because we are both golfers and I just think she's such a badass.


Mia Henry-Fisher (Community Partners)

Would you pick coffee or tea? What's your favorite kind of coffee/tea?

Tea, because coffee is so bitter! I like english breakfast with milk in my favorite mug. It says Ann Arbor on it!

If you had to wear one kind of shoe for the rest of your life what would it be?

I would definitely choose my birks because they fit my feet perfectly and are good for all seasons!

Nate Zonnevylle (Artist Relations)

What is your favorite pattern?

The Fibonacci Sequence 

If you could grow anything on a tree what would it be?

Those Krispy Kream Crullers from Speedway.



Lana Heaney (Promo and Outreach)

What is your guilty pleasure song?

Gas Pedal

Who is a fictional character you identify with?

The fox from Zootopia. I don't really identify with him. I just think he's hot



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